About Us

Tripsia, founded in 2021 in Islamabad by Hayan Zafar Tarakai, is going to be Pakistan's go-to travel and hospitality marketplace. Tripsia is a product of Nanosoftplus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  Tripsia's purpose is to make travelling throughout Pakistan more accessible and convenient for everyone.

Tripsia is an emerging online marketplace that is set to embark on streamlining and seamlessly integrating all the components, parties, units, and underlying processes involved both at the end of the customers and clients in a one-stop-shop or single window platform to expedite the process of searching and booking of hotels, lodges, apartments and other logistical amenities for convenience – renting cars, and seeking attractive tourism spots. It is set to serve entrepreneurs of all sizes and customers hailing from diverse backgrounds.

Tripsia links millions of travelers and tourists with unforgettable experiences, a variety of transportation choices, and fantastic places to stay from houses to hotels and more – by investing in technology that helps take the friction and inconvenience out of travel. Tripsia allows properties all over Pakistan to reach out to audience nation-wide and expand their businesses as one of the Pakistan leading travel marketplaces for both established companies and entrepreneurs of all sorts.

With the unstinting innovation and advancement in the realm of information technology, no domain of life has left that has not been overhauled technologically to be dispensed at the disposal of the customers in the market to add to their convenience and comfort. Travelling, tourism, lodging, and hospitality industry is the one which used to be obsolete along these lines with innumerable disruptions, professional lapses, disorders, and inconsistencies. Now the times have changed. 

Tripsia is out to revolutionize this industry with its seamless, all-inclusive and highly-integrated online platform that not only will connect the clients (hotel owners, apartment owners, motel owners, real estate agents, car renters, and cab drivers) with the customers (travelers, tourists, adventurers, and commuters) but will also accelerate, streamline and fast-track other process involved such as the process of payment by virtue of integrated wallets and highly secure local and international payment gateways for online transactions – Easypaisa, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Jazz Cash, etc. 

Moreover, it is also going to have a billboard effect for the hotels, apartments, lodges, and attractive spots listed on it with user and customer reviews. That is to say, it's going to serve as an online marketing platform as well for lodges, hotels, and car renters listed on it.


In a nutshell, Tripsia is the new go-to platform with the most standout features catering to a wider audience deliberating on traveling and tourism ventures. No matter if they are the clients or the customers, it is going to connect and serve all with its single window, all the more impeccably and immaculately to catalyze growth in the tourism, lodging, and hospitality industry in Pakistan.